Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Washi tape with a print made made by the artist along the whole roll. Perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, taping gifts or packages, and more!


The carnivorous plants roll features a Venus Fly Trap, a hanging Pitcher plant, and two variaties of Sundew plants. The background is purple to compliment all of the green plants.


The sushi roll features mini versions of sushi watercolor paintings also made by us. There are 9 different kinds of sushi as well as some complimentary pickled ginger and wasabi.


The black cats roll features a short hair and long hair cat playing with toys and running around doing cat things. The background of this tape is a vibrant green.


The cactus roll features four different variations of cactus plants in different containers. The background of this tape is blue.


The foxes roll shows a red fox laying around, sitting, and running. The blue background helps the fox print standout from the roll.


washi tape measures approximately 2 cm by 3 feet

  • Some of the designs in this listing were produced at different times. As such, the widths of all five tapes do not match exactly.